Last month I received a call from Mr. Complex about working together again, this time on his newest album coming out at the end of May. The concept was to shoot him on an empty train here in NYC, because of his underground hip hop title. The empty train was to symbolize how few acts are getting mainstream exposure that have a positive message. Let's be clear, there are a few greats that are out now, but with the influx of "mumble rap"....nuff said.

We first went for one in Jamaica, Queens where he's from, but we were unable to make that one happen. So we jumped on the L train at Broadway Junction and headed to Canarsie. Since we were shooting guerilla style, we couldn't bring a bunch of lighting gear, luckily the day was in our favor and we had plenty of light on an above ground track! Here's where we started off...

I dig it, but we can do better than that!

This was our final image for the back cover. Keep an eye out for the album to see what else we packed into the inlay of the vinyl!