Since this January, my wife and I had been playing with the idea of making the move to her home state of California. Me being a New York'er I was adamantly opposed, mostly because I'm stubborn and thought NY was the only place for me to call home after moving around the east coast all of my adult life.  That thought process switched gears with the birth of our son and seeing how expensive NY is with a kid.

Our time frame got bumped around from this Sept. to July. Then her and my son flew out to LA and I spent another week tying up loose ends. Luckily for me, I got to do the cross-country drive that I've always wanted to do. It was a 5-day adventure, and I had to make the most of my time since I hadn't seen my wife and son in almost 2 weeks by the end of it, which took time away from shooting as much as I would have liked.

After packing up the 15' U-Haul, I took off from Brooklyn and drove thru the likes of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana (where the state law says you can't sell cold beer in a store...), Missouri, Oklahoma (where the shower heads are 6" too low), Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally into California. All of these states had their highlights, but Texas and New Mexico were something special. The landscape of both was just so amazing and beautiful. Luckily I stopped off in Shamrock, TX to shoot some photos. I only shot film out there because I felt that was more fitting to the area. It was semi desolate and just intriguing.  I'll post those once I get the film processed this week.

Here are a few iPhone snaps I took along the way, mostly while on the move.