Anthony Carrigan


A couple of weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of photographing up and coming star, Anthony Carrigan for Observer. If you’re a fan of HBO’s “Barry” you may recognize him as NoHo Hank. Anthony has such an amazing presence about him when he walks into a room which made my job all that much easier on that brisk May morning.

For our first set up, we were staged up in his PR’s office (which was small so we were gonna be tight). We put up a 3’ gridded octa to camera left and here is what we got.

For a seamless option, we decided to set up in the driveway so we could all stretch our legs a little bit…Same set up as indoors, 3’ gridded octa, this time to camera right. We were blessed to have such an overcast day that it provided a beautiful flat fill. And the results!