Hot Dog


Towards the end of June, I received an email from Andy at NJ Monthly asking me if I would shoot Seth Leavitt, the CEO of Abeles and Heymann in their hot dog factory in Hillside, NJ. How could I pass up such an opportunity??

You may not know the brand, but if you've ever had a dog at Yankee Stadium, chances are you were eating one of theirs. Abeles and Heymann supply Yankee Stadium along with a number of other large stadiums in and around NY/NJ/PA.

With it being such a small operation, we had limited options on where to shoot, especially since they just had a large shipment go out. That killed any shots in the warehouse, but we made due with what we had. Simple one light in a cool location, literally, we were in the cooldown area where the product comes out of a walk in sized oven. Of my 14 years of kitchen experience, I've never experienced such a setup.

And here is what it looked like in the magazine.